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Sing the Story

"Sing the Story" is your place to learn about cantatas, musicals, and other major works to support your music ministry and concert programming needs. With Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, and non-seasonal works, you will find music by many of today's leading composers and arrangers to support your music needs throughout the year.

Lorenz Publishing Company

Dedicated to serving today's church musicians, Lorenz publishes music and resources in support of many worship traditions and styles. You'll find a broad range of works in this extensive catalog, designed to facilitate your music ministry, no matter its size or scope.

Medallion Music

Medallion Music offers music in blended worship styles showcasing the considerable talents of Jay Rouse, Mary McDonald, Rose Aspinall, and others.

The Sacred Music Press

The Sacred Music Press provides distinguished choral repertoire suitable for traditional and liturgical worship styles. Since 1963, The Sacred Music Press has been a source for music of impeccable craft and imagination that continues to be enjoyed by congregations and musicians alike.

Heritage Music Press

Founded in 1968, the Heritage Music Press catalog serves educational and community choirs with large variety of styles and voicings to help singers at all levels develop a high level of musicality.